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Steering Clear of First Look Photos: Tips for a Traditional Wedding Day

How to NOT do a first look.

I hear all the time that first looks are the best option because they allow you to enjoy your day more . Well that does have some truth… it is not the only option !

I personally believe that the tradition of the groom seeing his bride for the first as she walks down the aisle is priceless. If you and your partner decide the “traditional” route is what fits you the best, HERES HOW:

~ Start with your getting ready schedule. Ask your HMUA team about how many hours will be needed to get everyone fully ready. This will depict how early you need to start.

~ Be fully ready about 2 hours before ceremony start time (consult your planner and photographer about this).

~ Add a second shooter. (not always necessary but can be very beneficial if you have a lot of bridal party and family).

~ Consider adding 15 minutes to your cocktail hour. It sounds insignificant now, but on the wedding day that 15 minutes can make all of the difference!Adding a little wiggle room never hurts.

~ Hire a Coordinator. At almost every wedding I am assisting the photographer to get everyone to the photo locations on time, helping to keep the shot list moving , gathering family/bridal party, etc…

~ Have your photo team arrive in time to get some getting ready photos (in your wedding robe, getting into your dress, etc..).

Then go straight into your bridal party photos, family photos , and individual bridal portraits. The second shooter can grab the same shots of your partner simultaneously. Basically, get AS MANY PHOTOS YOU CAN PRE-CEREMONY!

~CREATE A SELECTIVE SHOT LIST. Decide what people and what photos really matter to you. When it comes to the family photo shot list , this is a big one. The shorter the shot lists are the more time you leave for everything else.

~ Post ceremony all that will be left are your ‘combined’ bridal party photos , family photos, and couple portraits.

~ Be sure to let everyone who is on the shot list know WHERE/WHEN they need to be. The more organized everyone is the more time you will save! The quicker you get these photos done the more time you will have for couple portraits!

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