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starting $2,200 +

You have already put the hours and energy into creating your vision, hiring vendors, making a timeline, and all of the fun details. But now it's time to relax and focus on GETTING MARRIED! There is no need for a bride or her guests to be running around like crazy the day of the wedding. 



  • We come in to tie together any loose ends.

  • Provide vendor recommendations to ensure you have the dream team there to make your dream day happen. 

  • We offer planning support through text or call throughout your planning process. As well as a template to make sure you hit every essential detail and give you support when you might feel a little lost in the process. 

  • Three to four meetings leading up to the big day so we can see through your eyes to execute exactly how you have planned. 

  • 1 KAILOHA co Assistant Associate to be there on wedding day 

  • Hands on full day service from set up to tear down. Attending to all the bride and grooms needs, guests, vendors, and ensuring your timeline goes to plan. 

  • Most importantly this package ensures you AND your guests have a stress free day filled with nothing besides love and good memories.


*Packages start at $1500+ and will be customized depending on your specific event needs

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